Selling a Business

Selling a business is a very challenging and time-consuming process. Sellers often navigate many moving parts under strict time constraints in order to consummate the contemplated transaction. It is imperative that sellers have an experienced legal counsel who is responsive to their objectives at each critical stage of the transaction process.

The majority of sale transactions involve many critical stages, which typically include executing a letter of intent, responding to extensive due diligence requests, and preparing an asset or stock purchase agreement and applicable disclosure schedules. Commercial leases and post-closing consulting or transition services agreements are also common to a successful transaction.

Each critical stage of a sale transaction gives rise to important legal issues, all of which should be timely addressed in order to minimize exposure and avoid unnecessary delays in closing the transaction. Minimizing exposure and unnecessary delay through an intentional navigation at each critical stage keeps sellers on track to a successful transaction.

Mr. Clarke enjoys helping his clients successfully navigate the transaction sale process in a diligent, responsive, and timely manner. He is responsive to his client’s objectives at each critical stage of the transaction process. Mr. Clarke looks forward to helping you sell your business.